faq - Ink Tickets


What can I bring?

Do bring:
– Photo Id
– One (Non-Sealed/Non-Metallic) Empty Drinking Container
– Small Amounts Of Factory Sealed Packaged Food And Fruit Will Be permitted
– Ear Plugs
– Digital Cameras (Point and Shoot)
– Costumes, Masks & Animal Masks Will Be Permitted (Subject to Search)
– People Who Require Nutrients Or Medication For Medical Reasons (e.g. Diabetes) Must Be In Possession Of A Medical Prescription With Their Name Clearly Listed

Don’t bring:
– Weapons, Knives, Or Firearms Of Any Kind
– Illegal Substances
– Alcoholic Beverages
– Glass Bottles Or Cans Of Any Kind
– Video/audio Recording Equipment
– SLR/DSLR (Single Lens Reflex Cameras)
– Focus Light-Devices (Laser Pens)

**All patrons will be searched upon entry. By entering the premises you agree to be filmed for security and promotional usage.
security reserves the right to refuse entry**

Items that may be considered dangerous by the security services to other ticket holders may be confiscated and or not returned.